Medicine Lake Highlands Area


Mt. Shasta in the distance.

This area east of Mt. Shasta is one of the most diverse and least visited volcanoes in California. It is actually the largest volcano (in total area) within California known as a Hawaiian Type Shield Volcano.

Paint Pot Crater

Paint Pot Crater

This cinder cone is composed of pumice and red and black cinders. These type of cones were formed by gaseous, explosive eruptions in chich cinders piled up around the opening.

Seasonal Pond

Seasonal Pond, Pumice Stone Mountain

Nice views of Pumice Stone Mountain, a cinder cone with a deep layer of pumice. This seasonal pond is often a favorite hangout for wildlife.

Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout

Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout

This cinder cone volcano offers incredible views of the entire Medicine Lake Highlands area. Interested in renting this for the night~

Enjoying the moment!

Enjoying the moment!

A Medicine Circle on Little Mt. Hoffman.

Little Medicine Lake

Little Medicine Lake

This is lovely little lake is adjacent to Medicine Lake. The lake partially fills the caldera which was formed when the Medicine Lake Volcano Collapsed. There’s a nice picnic area, boat launch and campgrounds. Check out my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun” for more…



Just like a painting.

Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain

This is the youngest volcanic flow in the area. It is known to many Native American tribes for its obsidian, a volcanic black glass which was used for spear and arrow points.


Feeling Free!

I love this area. It’s so mystical! Wanna go on a tour~give me a call!


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