What’s Happening on Mt. Shasta???

The past couple weeks it’s been on and off smokey from the surrounding fires. Fortunately, there are no fires very close.

Taken from Weed, Ca.

Taken from Weed, Ca.

and on the mountain…


The Old Ski Bowl, Mt. Shasta

Lately we’ve had a nice cloud cover keeping the temperatures cool. Looks like temps will warm up and Sunny!


Slivery Lupine Blooming!

Slivery Lupine Blooming!

You can see these lupines along the Everitt Memorial Highway between Panther Meadows and the Old Ski Bowl.

Interesting Red Rocks & Ferns

Interesting Red Rocks & Ferns

There’s a lot of interesting hidden places on the mountain. Wanna learn more…Come on a tour! Give me a call at 530-926-3250.

Have a great weekend!

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