Happy New Year~Mt. Shasta & Castle Lake Fun!!!

We have Sunshine for the New Year’s week!

Avalanche Gulch, Mt. Shasta

Avalanche Gulch, Mt. Shasta 12-30-2014

Mt. Shasta is looking brighter than ever!

Come on up and have some fun on a Snowshoe or Ski Tour on Mt. Shasta!

Give me a call at 530-926-3250

Castle Lake Area

Castle Lake Area

It’s been a couple years since we’ve been able to ski at Castle Lake with the lack of snow last season. We decided to check it out and found some SNOW! It’s enough to make for an excellent base but we need more coverage for the good skiing.  The lake is not completely frozen yet making for beautiful photograph. If you happen to hear an eerie echo sound, it’s the ice moving. The Native Americans thought the sound was evil spirits.


Gerald Spini

My ski partner and good friend.

Bluey getting 1st tracks!

Bluey getting 1st tracks!

See ya on the slopes and have a fun and safe beginnings into the new year of 2015!


  1. Hi Robin – thanks for the snow reports. I’m over on the coast in Eureka and your site is the first place I always check before deciding whether or not to come over to Shasta.

    So am I correct there’s enough snow for snowshoeing or XC skiing up around the Bunny Flat area if I bring my dogs and head up the road past where they close the gate?

    Thanks – and happy new year!


    • Happy New Year! Yes there is enough snow at Bunny Flat. No problem x-c skiing up the road. Dogs are allowed on the road and Old Ski Bowl area. Just be aware of the snowmobilers.
      Cheers, Robin

  2. Thanks Robin! Yep – we had to be careful with the snowmobilers up there in the past. The ones we encountered were all polite and careful of us too, but I’m always worried that they might not all be that way. I probably need to be sure the dogs and I are all wearing brightly colored jackets or something.