Junuary…Feels Like It! Colder Weather Moving In.

The beginning of 2015 has felt more like spring than winter.

It’s actually pretty normal for these warm conditions before the real storm hits!

50/50 Flat, 9,500 ft.

50/50 Flat, 9,500 ft. January 14, 2015

Corn like conditions on the south aspects and variable everywhere else. Hopefully with the new snow, all the rain runnels and wind scoured areas will get filled in.

Shredding in Avy Gulch

Shredding in Avy Gulch

This snowboarder was getting the goods lower down in the gulch.

Sunrise at Lake Siskiyou

Sunrise at Lake Siskiyou Jan. 15, 2015

Weather is changing with clouds moving in. Forecast for 8,500 ft.~


Have a great weekend!