Current Mt. Shasta Conditions~CORN!

It feels and looks more like June then April.

Bunny Flat

Bunny Flat 4-16-2015

High pressure moving in bringing very warm temperatures here in Mt. Shasta at 8,500 ft~

What does this mean…

Excellent skiing and climbing conditions.

Excellent skiing and climbing conditions.

Snow surface is smooth and timing it just right equals the picture above!

Interested in a ski tour to excellent skiing~call me at 530-926-3250.

"Pouring It On"!

“Pouring It On”!

 “Pouring It On” as Gerald Spini says…Timing is everything to ski the “Corn” just right!

(It’s not always easy keeping up with Mr. Gerald Spini and especially Bluey)

What is “Corn”?

“Corn snow” is in the form of small pellets or grains produced by the alternate melting and freezing of a snow layer.

Shredding It!

Shredding It!

Have a great weekend everyone!