Spring Storm Brings 2 Feet of snow on Mt. Shasta!

Our major snowstorm has finally arrived this year with new snow on the mountain!

Upper Broadway, Mt. Shasta

Upper Broadway, Mt. Shasta

Skiers hitting it early morning!

Looking into Avalanche Gulch

Looking into Avalanche Gulch

Sun was peaking in and out with a few snow flurries.

Looks like the weather is going to warm up with possible showers over the weekend~http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=41.38814294931545&lon=-122.21809387207031&site=mfr&unit=0&lg=en&FcstType=text#.VSWbyI6gt9E

With these temperatures, pay attention to the snow pack and possible avalanches. For current conditions~check out http://shastaavalanche.org/#null

Bunny Flat Parking Lot

Bunny Flat Parking Lot 4/8/2015

Lots of people enjoying the new snow.

Wanna go on a ski or snowshoe tour, give me a call at 530-926-3250.

Happy Trails or should I say Happy Tracks!


  1. tim parker says:

    Hello! I left a comment a number of posts back,with no answer ,i think!
    I wondering your thoughts on middle of may access up to the routes on the east side,specificly ,the wintun routes. How will the roads be do you think. I cant tell if it will be similar to last year ,where access from the trailheads was doable due to low snow. Is it a normal snow year ans do you see easy access in mid maY? Thanx from a vet ski mountaineer living the dream!

    • Hello,
      A friend of mine skied the Wintun a couple weeks ago. He summited and said the upper portion is definitely still winter conditions. They were able to drive to the first switchback at 5,900 ft. With the temps warming up, Mid May might be just right. If I get anymore information or head over there, I’ll post.