Wildflower Update…Here’s the Latest!

With the July thundershowers we’ve been having lately, the wildflowers have been going off!

Slender Pestemon and Coyote Mint.

Slender Penstemon and Coyote Mint on Mt. Shasta

 There are many varieties of penstemon. The purple ones in this picture are the slender penstemon. Coyote Mint the white flower also known as Pennyroyal are very common on Mt. Shasta and are only found in California except for one subspecies that grows in Oregon. Coyote Mint puts out a very fragrant peppermint type of smell.

Panther Meadows

Panther Meadows, Mt. Shasta

Panther Meadows is just starting to bloom with wildflowers after the snow melts in early July. This is a beautiful area to visit.

Please respect the meadows by staying on the trails.

Scarlet Gilia

Scarlet Gilia

This wildflower also known as Skyrocket is almost done. There are still a few places they can be seen on Mt. Shasta.

Cobwebby Paintbrush

Cobwebby Paintbrush

This interested wildflower can be found at 7,000ft and higher.

Mt. Eddy area~Klamath Mountain Range

Mt. Eddy area~Klamath Mountain Range

What’s happening on the other mountain range…daisies, orchids, Biglow’s Sneezeweed flowers and more!

Gerald enjoying the day!

Gerald enjoying the day!

My favorite hiking and skiing buddy~Gerald Spini

Explorer's Gentian

Explorer’s Gentian

 King Gentius, in the second century BC, ruled Illyria, a Balkan country located in what is now Yugoslavia.. The king believed that the roots of a certain flowering plant had medicinal value. He was wrong, but the plant has been associated with his name ever since, and so we have “Gentian” today.

American Bistort and Velvety Goldenrod (I think)

Temperatures in the Mt. Shasta area have been very comfortable. It’s gonna get hot this week~http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Mount+Shasta+CA+96067:4:US

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