Looking for a little bit of Spiritual Energy…

We have lots!

Somewhere on Mt. Shasta

Somewhere on Mt. Shasta

These beautifully sculpted  cairns took a lot of work in the makings. I don’t know the history of them but they’ve been here for awhile now. If anyone knows, please comment.

The Old Ski Bowl

The Old Ski Bowl

We recently received snow above 10,000 ft.

It’s a start but keep doing the Snowdance!


Energy Circle

There are lots of groups coming up to our area enjoying the beautiful scenery as well as the spiritual and sacred sites on Mt. Shasta.

Interesting in one of these tours~check out my new flyer

jpeg flyer

Looks like beautiful weather for awhile.

Enjoy the Fall!


  1. You mention not knowing the history of the cairns on the south slope. I built the first large one back in June of 2013. Each summer while I am up visiting my dad in Mt. Shasta we hike up and work on another. Some have lasted others not. It looks like other people have started building them in the same area. I have documented the ones my father and I have worked which can be viewed here