Current Conditions on Mt. Shasta…

We’ve got lots and lots of snow!

Sisson Meadows, Mt. Shasta

The city of Mt. Shasta got hammered with snow!

The city and county snowplowers have done an excellent job clearing the roads in the area.

My street…

As you can see we are full of the white stuff!

and the conditions on Mt. Shasta~

The end of the road!

Everett Memorial Highway is plowed to the gate at McBride. It may not get plowed for a while. Many adventurers are snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing from this point. Castle Lake road is plowed to the second gate.

Touring through the beautiful Red Fir.

There are many great places to snowshoe and ski right now! Wanna go on a tour~

The Sierra Club~7,900 ft.

It looks like there is a lot of sunshine for the next few days~

Have a great weekend!