About the Book

The Mount Shasta Guide to Fun by Robin Kohn is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to explore the area. This book is unique, in that it offers a variety of activities for a wide range of interests and skill levels. It is a hiking guide,  skiing and bicycling guide, a climbing guide and more. It is well-illustrated and includes relevant geology and history flora and fauna. There is something here for everyone, from first-time  visitor to to long-time resident. Finally — a guidebook for all reasons, for all seasons.”
Bruce McKinley – Mt. Shasta Photographer

It’s all about having fun…

Outdoor Recreationists love the outdoors, especially when it’s about fun. This book is the most detailed fun guide to outdoor recreation activities in all seasons for the Siskiyou County Area. With this guide in hand, one can choose their activities based on interest, time frame, their individual skill level and feel confident that they are being well guided.

This book will save you time and effort in planning your trip. It offers information on preparation, risk management and gives detailed maps and descriptions for the following activities: hiking and backpacking, bicycling, back country skiing and snowshoeing, rock climbing, driving tours, and caving to name only a few.

Opportunities for recreation are unlimited here. This resource guide describes a variety of activities including hiking, backpacking, bicycling, cross-country (X-C) and back country skiing, rock climbing, driving tours and scenic waterfall walks, to name only a few.

This guide is divided into seven sections: Mount Shasta, McCloud, Dunsmuir and Castella, Weed and Shasta Valley, Lower Klamath Basin/Lava Beds National Monument/Medicine Lake Highlands, Yreka, and a driving tour of Scott Valley. Each section provides a description of the area and includes a driving map, directions, descriptions of tours and activities, preparation required, and risk management. Please take note that descriptions written under driving directions are followed by more detailed narratives. Learn more…

This guide will save you time and help you plan your trip, but knowledge and experience are an essential and even critical part of all outdoor adventures or activities because they contain an element of risk. Natural hazards exist and human errors occur; accidents can happen. This guide should be used for informational purposes only; it is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional instruction. There are professional guide services available in the area. For further information on guide services, go to the Resources Section at the back of the book.

This 150-page book includes 19 maps, offers over 100 photographs and illustrations and is specially designed with the plastic coil binding to make it easy to layout and turn each page. It is light weight and can easily slip into a backpack or daypack.

The author, Robin Kohn – Mt. Shasta has been Robin’s home for many years and has given her the opportunity to practice and perfect the backcountry skills needed as an outdoor professional and wilderness guide. Robin looks forward to sharing her knowledge, instruction, and experience for safe and fun travel in the Mt. Shasta Area.

2nd Edition of Mount Shasta Guide to Fun is now available for $17.95 in bookstores, outdoor retail stores or by calling Robin Kohn at 530-926-3250

Ordering my book on Amazon, you will not get the most recent printings with new updates and revisions. They carry my first printing only.

My book, Mount Shasta Guide to Fun, is dedicated to the people who appreciate and respect the great outdoors. It is my hope that this simple fun guide will aid in your enjoyment!”
Robin Kohn