Book Excerpts

“Mount Shasta Guide to Fun is the first book ever written in the Mount Shasta area that covers such a wide range of outdoor activities. Don’t worry about getting lost, Robin has everything organized with an all-around index of maps and photos. For anyone visiting the Mount Shasta area, this book is the perfect book and the only book that you will need to get to many beautiful places that this area has to offer. It’s an all season’s book for any one of any age and at anytime. Her book will always be a companion in my backpack and in my car when touring the countryside. Robin is as a professional guide and her book compliments her guided tours.”

Steve Lewis, Author of the book “Climbing Mt. Shasta,” Mount Shasta, CA.


Opportunities for recreation are unlimited here. This resource guide describes a variety of activities including hiking, backpacking, bicycling, cross-country (X-C) and back country skiing, rock climbing, driving tours and scenic waterfall walks, to name only a few.

This guide is divided into seven sections: Mount Shasta, McCloud, Dunsmuir and Castella, Weed and Shasta Valley, Lower Klamath Basin/Lava Beds National Monument/Medicine Lake Highlands, Yreka, and a driving tour of Scott Valley. Each section provides a description of the area and includes a driving map, directions, descriptions of tours and activities, preparation required, and risk management.

This guide will save you time and help you plan your trip, but knowledge and experience are an essential and even…

Excerpt from Page 22 &23 Panther Meadows Trailhead

Panther Meadows and South Gate Meadows are very special areas and have extremely fragile environments with heather and other delicate flora. It is essential that we all understand the importance of protecting and respecting the Panther Springs area. Camping is restricted in the meadows and building fires is prohibited. Please stay on the trails and leave areas as natural as possible. It can take up to 200 years for trampled heather to come back. Panther Springs is known to be one of several sacred sites on Mt. Shasta. It has religious significance to the Wintu (Winnemun) Tribe and they continue to hold ceremonies there. They consider it their “Genesis,” meaning…

Excerpt from Page 24 Skiing Snowshoeing, and Snowboarding

Mt. Shasta has a reputation for some of the finest and best skiing and snowboarding around, especially spring corn skiing. For those of you who enjoy solitude and no crowds, as well as being able to ski at your own pace, cross-country and back-country are the way to go. This map shows the most accessible X-C, back-country skiing, and snowshoeing on the mountain. Access to snowboarding routes also start here…

Excerpt from Page 36 Bicycling Mount Shasta

The city of Mount Shasta offers some excellent bicycling around town and in the surrounding countryside. The map offers a variety of options and side trips to choose from, depending on your ability and on how many miles you want to cover.

Excerpt from Page 42 Cantara Cliffs

This is a well-known local climbing area. It offers climbs for the beginner as well as the advanced climber. The rock is basalt, approximately 40’ high, and faces southwest. This area offers climbs for top roping and lead climbing. There are two main areas on the cliff to set up top roping…

Excerpt from Page 44 Beyond Lake Siskiyou

Castle Lake is a 47-acre gem of a lake nestled in the Klamath Mountain Range. To get there, head towards Lake Siskiyou Campground. Turn left on to Castle Lake Rd, and follow it uphill for 7 miles to the end. Stocked with brook and rainbow trout, it offers good fishing. It is a wonderful place to swim and canoe. There is a trail going around the north shore ending at…

Excerpt from Page 95 Glass Mountain Bike Ride

This is a moderate 20 mile ride on both paved and dirt roads. Starting at Medicine Lake, head south on Medicine Lake Rd to Scenic Highway 97. Turn right onto Scenic Highway 97; the turn off to Glass Mountain is 7 miles. There are three turn offs to Glass Mountain..