Annual Mt. Eddy Trip

This season we hit Mt. Eddy earlier then usual with the minimal snow conditions.


Heading up the highway…

We had to hike awhile before being able to skin up.


Mike leading the pack.

Getting closer to the top.

Top of Mt. Eddy

Top of Mt. Eddy 9.025 ft.

Mt. Shasta Peaking Out!

Mt. Shasta Peaking Out!


Pure Heaven!

We are heading into a high pressure system.

Warm temperatures will bring good corn conditions for skiing, boarding and climbing.
Let me help you get set up. Call me at 530-926-3250

Have a great week!

It’s Been Snowing!!!

Spring has sprung with lovely snow showers.

Green Butte Ridge

Green Butte Ridge 3/28/2014

Looks like this weather pattern is going to last for a few days.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Spring!!!

Today is officially spring and it feels like it!


Lovely Day!

It’s officially corn season! corn’ snow” Skiing. snow in the form of small pellets or grains produced by the alternate melting and freezing of a snow layer. Also called corn, spring snow.

Skiing the cliffs!

Skiing the cliffs!

A little bit steep but fun!

Dropping in...

Dropping in…

With these warm temperatures, the good skiing isn’t going to last long. Looking for a ski or snowshoe tour, give me a call @530-926-3250.

Upper Avalanche Gulch

Upper Avalanche Gulch 3-20-2014

Climbing season is going to have a shorter window then usual with our limited snow pack. Thinking about climbing, give me a call to help set you up with the best guide for your climbing abilities.

Bluey says...

Bluey says…

Have a great weekend!

She’s Nicely Covered…Mt. Shasta

It’s nice seeing the mountain with its pure white shine!

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch

It’s a nice snow pack but for how long???

Unique Cloud over the Summit.

Unique Cloud over the Summit

Heading up to Paradise!

Mt. Eddy

Mt. Eddy

A warm storm front moving in.

Look who's getting first tracks!

Look who’s getting first tracks!

Looking to go on a ski or snowshoe tour on Mt. Shasta, give me a call @ 530-926-3250.

Have a great week!

More Snow on the Way…

The past few days have been blue bird and spring like ski & climb conditions.


The Ridges

Mid-week looks like the weather is changing to snow and we need it!

 The snow pack is melting and rocks are starting to show.

Shastina and West Face

Shastina and West Face

Have a great week everyone!

Mt. Shasta’s Beauty and Good Skiing Too!

This past weekend brought snow.

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch

Coverage is getting better but still pretty sparse especially at the lower elevations.


Guess Who…


Shastina Poking Out of the Clouds.


Giddy Giddy Lookin Good!

Looks like we are going to get a little more snow and then a warm up.

Looking for a ski or snowshoe tour on Mt. Shasta~

Give me a call 530-926-3250

Have a great week!

Mt. Shasta Snow Conditions…

Yes our winter has finally arrived!



We’ve received around a foot and half of snow out of this storm.

It is pretty heavy making a great base.

Getting ready to ski down.

Getting ready to ski down~The Old Ski Bowl

There are still lots of rocks and logs out there~Be Careful!

Bunny Flat, 6,950 ft.

Bunny Flat, 6,950 ft.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the beginning to a series of storms.

Get out there and enjoy the SNOW!

YES…………………………………..IT’S SNOWING!!!



Happy New Years!

All I can say is…PLEASE SNOW!

Before the storm...

Before the storm…

Latest weather report~

Have a good weekend!

Happy Holidays!!!

I wish everyone and happy and safe holiday season.

Morning Sunrise on Mt. Shasta

Morning Sunrise on Mt. Shasta

Our forecast doesn’t call any snow over the holidays.

Still lots of fun things to do…hiking, bicycling, ice skating, exploring~Wanna go on a tour? Give me a call 530-926-3250

Keep doing the Snow Dance!