Happy May~Spring has Sprung!!!

What a spring it’s been so far!

We’ve had a little bit of everything~Here’s a few pictures from April…

Castle Lake Road

The first couple weeks in April, we received a bit of SNOW!

Middle Peak, Castle Lake

Faery Falls, Mt. Shasta

This high energy spot is one of the special places in our area. Check out my newly printed 2nd Edition with directions and information about Ney Springs and Faery Falls.

Top of Broadway, Mt. Shasta 9,400 ft.

Spring Chowder Powder!

Black Butte, Mt. Shasta

A Break in the Storm~up the ridge.

Mt. Shasta Alpenglow

and to end the month off right…

Lassen Peak Northside~The Devastated Area

It’s going off~Great Corn!

Mt. Shasta in the distance.

Manzanita Lake, Lassen Peak Reflection

May looks to be a great month with mostly warm temperatures.

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Have a great one!

Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter…

That’s what the month of March has been!

Castle Lake Area

There have been quite a few beautiful spring days.

Along Green Butte Ridge.

Right after the spring storm!

Right during a storm!

The end of March.

and what’s the skiing been like~

Spring corn!



Looks like April will start off with sunny skies and more rain/snow next week`


Me & Bluey

Interested in going on a ski or snowshoe tour?

Call me at 530-926-3250 or email robin@mountshastaguide.com

Latest Conditions on Mt. Shasta~Powder!!!

With all the snow we’ve been receiving this past week, skiing has been awesome!

Avalanche Gulch filled with snow.

At 8,000 ft. there is 16 feet of snow and more up high~The snow will be lasting for awhile.

What is that sticking out of the snow?

This is the composting toilet up at Horse Camp also known as the Sierra Club Cabin. It may be a long time before this toilet is used again!

Looking into Avalanche Gulch.

Notice the snow blowing in the wind. It’s all happening.

Wanna go on a tour~ give me a call or email at 530-926-3250 or robin@mountshastaguide.com

Pluto Cave

This is one of those special places here in Siskiyou County. Wanna learn more?

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Have a great week everyone!

Update on Road Conditions

The road is now open!!!

The county’s update as of 1/30/2017 regarding the status of the Everitt Memorial Highway (mtn road) and Castle Lake roads.

They are still using both of their rotaries in the residential and outlying areas probably for at least another 10 days to two weeks. After that they can get started. They did punch a single lane on the Castle Lake road up to Methodist Camp to get those folks out, but the road remains gated at the bottom and the Everitt Memorial Highway is gated at McBride.

Lower Slopes on Mt. Shasta

There are still many places to get out and have snow fun!

Current Conditions on Mt. Shasta…

We’ve got lots and lots of snow!

Sisson Meadows, Mt. Shasta

The city of Mt. Shasta got hammered with snow!

The city and county snowplowers have done an excellent job clearing the roads in the area.

My street…

As you can see we are full of the white stuff!

and the conditions on Mt. Shasta~

The end of the road!

Everett Memorial Highway is plowed to the gate at McBride. It may not get plowed for a while. Many adventurers are snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing from this point. Castle Lake road is plowed to the second gate.

Touring through the beautiful Red Fir.

There are many great places to snowshoe and ski right now! Wanna go on a tour~http://mountshastaguide.com/tours-clinics/

The Sierra Club~7,900 ft.

It looks like there is a lot of sunshine for the next few days~


Have a great weekend!


The New Year has started off with a few inches of snow so far…

Nice dust on crust!

Mt. Shasta is going off with a great base and snow coverage!

Wanna go on a ski or snowshoe tour~530-926-3250 or robin@mountshastaguide.com


This is what it will be doing most of the week!


Have a good one!


Hot off the press and ready to go!

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Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting


Happy December!

December is here and we’re ready for the Holidays!

She's fully covered!

She’s fully covered!

What a great start to the winter season!

We already have a good snowpack. 2-3 feet at Bunny Flat and above tree line…nice with the early season snow we’ve received.


Getting the goods!

Thinking about getting some turns in over the holidays~Let me guide you!

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Wondering what’s happening at Castle Lake~

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta

It’s a good start!

There is snow but not a lot. Rocks and brush are still poking out.

Who's having a blast!!!

Who’s having a blast!!!

Looks like there is snow in our future~


Have a great weekend!

Snow Conditions on Mt. Shasta!

We’ve been getting snow all weekend and it looks like more throughout the week!

Up, Up, Up

Up, Up, Up

Coverage is good from Bunny Flat up.

Still be careful and cautious with rocks and logs showing.

Casaval Ridge

Casaval Ridge


Sun peaking out!

We received over 2 feet of snow and more higher.

Be avalanche aware. Snow still needs time to settle.

Sticking to ridges and staying out of avalanche zones is the way to go.

Wanna go to the best places on the mountain, let me be your guide!

Call for more details~530-926-3250

Lenticular Cloud Galore on Mt. Shasta Lately!

The past couple days have been offering incredible viewing of Mt. Shasta!

Sunset 11/10/2016

Sunset 11/10/2016

Sunrise 11/11/2016

Sunrise 11/11/2016

Black Butte Sunrise 11/11/2016

Black Butte Sunrise 11/11/2016

Sunrise 11/11/2016

Sunrise 11/11/2016

I took a hike on a rainy day last week from Castle Lake to Heart Lake and it filled up!

Heart Lake

Heart Lake

Looks like it’s started to freeze over a little.

View of Castle Lake

View of Castle Lake

 Looks like we may get some weather this week~


Exciting News!!!

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for my 2nd Edition of “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun” to be available. I’m happy to say it will be ready for the holidays! Here is a preview of the new cover. I will post as soon as I have them hot off the press!

2nd Edition Mount Shasta Guide to Fun

2nd Edition Mount Shasta Guide to Fun

Have a great week!