Current Mt. Shasta Conditions~CORN!

It feels and looks more like June then April.

Bunny Flat

Bunny Flat 4-16-2015

High pressure moving in bringing very warm temperatures here in Mt. Shasta at 8,500 ft~

What does this mean…

Excellent skiing and climbing conditions.

Excellent skiing and climbing conditions.

Snow surface is smooth and timing it just right equals the picture above!

Interested in a ski tour to excellent skiing~call me at 530-926-3250.

"Pouring It On"!

“Pouring It On”!

 “Pouring It On” as Gerald Spini says…Timing is everything to ski the “Corn” just right!

(It’s not always easy keeping up with Mr. Gerald Spini and especially Bluey)

What is “Corn”?

“Corn snow” is in the form of small pellets or grains produced by the alternate melting and freezing of a snow layer.

Shredding It!

Shredding It!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Spring Storm Brings 2 Feet of snow on Mt. Shasta!

Our major snowstorm has finally arrived this year with new snow on the mountain!

Upper Broadway, Mt. Shasta

Upper Broadway, Mt. Shasta

Skiers hitting it early morning!

Looking into Avalanche Gulch

Looking into Avalanche Gulch

Sun was peaking in and out with a few snow flurries.

Looks like the weather is going to warm up with possible showers over the weekend~

With these temperatures, pay attention to the snow pack and possible avalanches. For current conditions~check out

Bunny Flat Parking Lot

Bunny Flat Parking Lot 4/8/2015

Lots of people enjoying the new snow.

Wanna go on a ski or snowshoe tour, give me a call at 530-926-3250.

Happy Trails or should I say Happy Tracks!

Happy Passover and Easter Everyone!

Avalanche Gulch 4-3-2015

Avalanche Gulch 4-2-2015

This past week has been nice corn conditions to firm and chattery ice!

Looks like April Showers are on the way~

Have a happy holiday weekend!

A Few New Inches of Snow On Mt. Shasta!

The past couple days have brought a nice covering of snow on Mt. Shasta.

Fresh snow...

Fresh snow…

It’s nice to see a little bit of winter again.


Giddy, Giddy…

Looks like fresh powder will just be a dream by the weekend with the weather warming up!

Early Morning, Mt. Shasta

Early Morning, Mt. Shasta

This is a great time to explore Mt. Shasta area. Come up for a hike, driving tour or play on the snow on skis or snowshoes!

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Have a great week!

Spring has Sprung here in Mt. Shasta!

The current conditions on Mt. Shasta are GREAT~

Avalanche Gulch 3-19-2015

Avalanche Gulch 3-19-2015

Last weekend we’ve received a little bit of snow to fill in and smooth out the snow surface!

Wet slide off of Casaval Ridge.

Wet slide off of Casaval Ridge.

With warmer temperatures throughout the week, we’ve been having incredible snow (corn) conditions on the mountain. With that, wet slides have been sluffing off the ridges.

Nice and Smooth…9,500 feet.

Thinking about climbing, skiing or both on Mt. Shasta or a scenic tour~

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Daffodils have Sprung!

Daffodils have Sprung!

Looks like the beginning of spring will arrive with a few rain showers and little bit of snow on the mountain at 8,500ft and above~

Have a great weekend!

Happy March~Current Mt. Shasta Conditions!

Over this past weekend we’ve received a little bit of snow…

Mike Hupp Shedding it up!

Mike Hupp Shedding it up!

Putting smiles on everyone!

The mountain received between 1-4 inches of snow this past weekend.

It wasn’t a lot but enough to fill in the old ski and boot tracks.

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch March 2, 2015

In all her full glory!

Looking at the Top of windy Broadway.

A great ski descent into Avalanche Gulch under the right snow conditions.

Heading up the stairway...

Heading up the stairway…

Thinking about climbing or skiing Mt. Shasta?

Now’s the time with the warmer temperatures (corn cycle) in the forecast~

Let me help get you and your group set up~

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Have a great week!

Corn in February~Climbing & Skiing Going Off!!!

Spring in February on Mt. Shasta…

Top of Giddy Giddy Gulch

Top of Giddy Giddy Gulch

With this high pressure system we’ve been having,

skinning and skiing have been excellent!

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch

Smooth as butter…Definition of corn is snow in the form of small pellets or grains produced by the alternate melting and freezing of a snow layer. Also called corn, spring snow.

Casaval Ridge

Casaval Ridge

Casaval Ridge is in excellent shape right now for climbing.

A weather change towards the weekend with cooler temperatures and windy~

Have a good one!

New Snow on Mt. Shasta…Current Conditions!

Our wish has finally come true…

Green Butte Ridge 2/07/2015

Green Butte Ridge 2/07/2015

The mountain at the higher elevations has received a good 2-4 feet of snow.

With all this heavy wet snow, avalanche danger has gone way up!

Know Before You Go~

Bunny Flat 6,950 ft.

Bunny Flat 6,950 ft.

Thinking about what to do on President’s Day Weekend and Valentine’s Day?

Come on up to Mt. Shasta and try some backcountry skiing or snowshoeing.

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The Calming Before the Storm...

The Calming Before the Storm…

Have a great week everyone!

Junuary…Feels Like It! Colder Weather Moving In.

The beginning of 2015 has felt more like spring than winter.

It’s actually pretty normal for these warm conditions before the real storm hits!

50/50 Flat, 9,500 ft.

50/50 Flat, 9,500 ft. January 14, 2015

Corn like conditions on the south aspects and variable everywhere else. Hopefully with the new snow, all the rain runnels and wind scoured areas will get filled in.

Shredding in Avy Gulch

Shredding in Avy Gulch

This snowboarder was getting the goods lower down in the gulch.

Sunrise at Lake Siskiyou

Sunrise at Lake Siskiyou Jan. 15, 2015

Weather is changing with clouds moving in. Forecast for 8,500 ft.~

Have a great weekend!

Happy New Year~Mt. Shasta & Castle Lake Fun!!!

We have Sunshine for the New Year’s week!

Avalanche Gulch, Mt. Shasta

Avalanche Gulch, Mt. Shasta 12-30-2014

Mt. Shasta is looking brighter than ever!

Come on up and have some fun on a Snowshoe or Ski Tour on Mt. Shasta!

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Castle Lake Area

Castle Lake Area

It’s been a couple years since we’ve been able to ski at Castle Lake with the lack of snow last season. We decided to check it out and found some SNOW! It’s enough to make for an excellent base but we need more coverage for the good skiing.  The lake is not completely frozen yet making for beautiful photograph. If you happen to hear an eerie echo sound, it’s the ice moving. The Native Americans thought the sound was evil spirits.


Gerald Spini

My ski partner and good friend.

Bluey getting 1st tracks!

Bluey getting 1st tracks!

See ya on the slopes and have a fun and safe beginnings into the new year of 2015!