Cooler Temps Ahead~Great Hiking and Exploring Time!

My friend Steve and I went over to Ash Creek Falls on the Eastside of Mt. Shasta.

Ash Creek Falls a Flowing!

Ash Creek Falls a Flowing!

This beautiful waterfall is located over on the east side of Mt. Shasta. It can either be reached by going over to the Brewer Creek Trailhead and traversing over or following a bunch of logging roads and hoping for the best!

A Close Up!

A Close Up!

Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

Steve and I have been good friends for over 20 years. He is the author to the first edition of Climbing Mt. Shasta and a avid hiker and snowshoer on Mt. Shasta.

Entrance into the mountain or

This interested small cave into these rocks are where the petroglyphs are located.

and maybe one of the entrances into Mt. Shasta!!!



This rock holding sacred petroglyphs on the mountain is a very special area. It was shown to me many years ago and I was told it holds three generations of carvings from one of the local Native American Tribes of this area.

Hotlum/Wintun Ridge

Hotlum/Wintun Ridge

Here’s looking at the east side of Mt. Shasta. On the right is the Hotlum (steep) Glacier and on the left is the Wintun Glacier (named after the Wintu Native American Tribe.

Weather is definitely going to start cooling down this week with maybe even a few sprinkles!

Have a great week!

Mt. Shasta’s East Side!

The Hotlum/Wintun is GOING OFF!


Great Conditions!

With the low snow pack, it’s possible to drive to the Brewer Creek trail head.

Who was William Brewer you ask~he accompanied Josiah Dwight Whitney in 1862 on the exploration of this area.  He was a botanist and had a great love for geology.


Nice coverage!

This area has a reputation for people getting disoriented heading back to the trail head. Make sure to have a compass and map, gps and take note of landmarks in the area.


Morning Glory

It’s a great time to climb and ski Mt. Shasta.

Give me a call to help you get set up. 530-926-3250

Have a good one!