A Welcoming June in Mt. Shasta!

Summer is very near with sunny and warm temperatures so far!

The month of May had some nice offerings too~

Early Morning~The beginning of May.

This season we are above the normal snow average. It’s been a great season and continues. There is still 5-10 feet of snow at and above 8,000 ft.

Great climbing and skiing 9,000 ft. and above!

Burstarse Falls~Castle Crags Wilderness

This beautiful waterfall is a nice hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. The last section down to the falls is a bit challenging but worth it!

For directions and more information, check out my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Castle Lake

Now Castle Lake is completely melted out. There is still snow up higher but not for long!

Greenhorn Park~Yreka

Lupines going off! I took this picture in mid-May. Information and directions to this park is in my book,   “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Looking for a spiritual awakening…

Come on one of my sacred site tours~http://mountshastaguide.com/tours-clinics/spiritual-sacred-site-tours/

Mt. Shasta’s Magical Northside!

I love this side of the mountain especially skiing it!

Skinning up for a great ski down!

You can now drive to the trailhead and have to walk up a little ways before reaching snow.

Mt. McLoughlin, Southern Oregon

The Cascades are going off~My nephew from New Hampshire came to the Pacific Northwest to ski the volcanoes!

My nephew Corey on top of Mt. Shasta!

Starting off June at Lassen Volcanic National Park skiing with my nephew Corey~

Spring Skinning!

A Celebration Beer with my nephew!

Looking for Summer…

I took this picture of a marmot on the slopes of Lassen.

Have a good one and until next time…

Have fun!

Memorial Day Weekend Report!

This weekend is the first big traveling and climbing weekend of the season.

Mt. Shasta Morning Glory

We’ve received over a foot of new snow this week and it looks like questionable weather for this weekend.

For those of you spending time on Mt. Shasta, be prepared for weather and avalanche conditions.



West Face Route

This route as well as Avalanche Gulch are going to be in great shape for a while.

Who say’s winters over???

Gerald's Bowl

How’s the skiing been?

As of Thursday May 26, 2011, a foot+ of fresh powder!

There’s still a good 10+ feet at Bunny Flat 6950′.

Burstarse Falls

What else is there to do…check out the waterfalls. They are awesome right now!

My book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun” has descriptions to all the waterfalls in the area.

Or better yet, sign up for the Burstarse Falls Waterfall Hike I will be leading on Sunday May 29, 2011.

Burstarse Falls in Action

Have a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!