Great Time To Go See the Bald Eagles!

Mid February is a great time to head out to the Lower Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge to check out the Bald Eagles.

A Nice Pair Hanging Out!

A Nice Pair Hanging Out!

This area is known to have the largest concentration of Bald Eagles during the winter months. Over 500 gather in this area to feed on remaining waterfowl.

A Handsome Guy!

A Handsome Guy!

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Lower Klamath Basin Tour


 Saturday, the River Exchange put on a wonderful Bird outing through Butte Valley and the Lower Klamath Basin located in the Northeastern part of California.

Beginning of Auto Tour

The River Exchange is a non-profit organization located in Dunsmuir, California that promotes healthy watersheds in Siskiyou County through community involvement in stewardship, restoration and education.

Northern Harrier

The Great Pacific Flyway is home to the many migratory birds as well as native birds. We saw a variety of hawks, Northern Harriers, many ducks and geese, Prairie Falcon and the Golden and …

Bald Eagle

The best viewing for the eagles are the months of January and February where numbers may peak over 500. For more information check out the Lower Klamath Basin Tour in my book~

View south from Sheepy Ridge Lookout

We stopped for lunch at the Lower Klamath Visitor Center. Lots of good information and displays of the different birds and wildlife that are in the area.

Pronghorn Antelope

This was a special treat. I’ve never seen these beautiful creatures up close.

Thanks again to the River Exchange for putting on an awesome trip!

Looks like we may finally be getting some significant weather on Mt. Shasta this week~

I’ll post updates as the snow accumulates!

Have a great week!