Excellent Climbing & Skiing on Mt. Shasta!

We are definitely moving into the spring season here on Mt. Shasta!

Casaval Ridge

Casaval Ridge

The snow pack is thick right now!

Climbers up the Heart, Avalanche Gulch

Climbers  heading up the Heart, Avalanche Gulch

Great conditions right now for climbing Mt. Shasta’s south side!

One of my favorite ski destinations!

One of my favorite ski destinations!

Come on up and go on a ski tour and get incredible views and awesome skiing!

Call @ 530-926-3250 or email me robin@mountshastaguide.com

Have a great week everyone!



Spring Climbing and Sliding are Here!!!

We received a little bit of snow this past week smoothing out the surface from the rain runnels last week.

Avalanche Gulch 4-28-2012

This week my nephew and friends came from the east coast to climb the mountain.

Here are some pics~

My nephew Corey

Corey, JP, Anthony and Chuck came to climb Casaval Ridge, Mt. Shasta. They had an epic trip. No summit this time with over 100 m.p.h. winds but got some awesome pics~

Sunset on Casaval Ridge, photo by Corey Swartz

Climbing! Photo by JP

Here’s my favorite~

Anthony on Casaval, photo by Corey Swartz

I had a great time visiting with my nephew and his friends. Thanks for all the great BEER!

Looks like a high pressure throughout the week setting up the mountain for great conditions.

Have a great weekend!