Celebrating the New Mayan Year!

This week I’ve had the pleasure guiding the Kinich Ahau Organization from Mexico. This group gives logistic support of the Mayan Solar Tradition, a movement of consciousness that promotes the Mayan Wisdon as a way of personal and spiritual grow.

We’ll be celebrating the entrance of the New Mayan Year 12 Ahau, which means the reunión of the light masters of the planet.

Ascension Rock, Mt. Shasta

Ascension Rock, Mt. Shasta

Meditating amongst the Shasta Red Firs.

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta

Giving Blessings to the waters.


Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin

Spiritual Leader of the Solar Mayan Tradition.

Mt. Shasta 8,000 ft

Mt. Shasta 8,000 ft

Heading up Mt. Shasta for a  meditation.


A wonderful group!

This was a very peaceful and awaking experience for me.

Thank you for including me not just as a guide but as part of your group.

What’s happening on Mt. Shasta…

Bunny Flat, Mt. Shasta

Bunny Flat, Mt. Shasta

Great hiking on Mt. Shasta with the penstemon flowers are going off!


Penny Royal also known as Coyote Mint

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Nice Snow Dusting on Mt. Shasta!

This past week we’ve had welcoming weather…

Snowy Mountain Hemlocks

Snowy Mountain Hemlocks in Panther Meadows

The snow’s a calling!

Lovin' It!

Lovin’ It!

I had a great time doing a hiking tour with Bobbilee.

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch

It’s a nice tease!

What a Feeling...

What a Feeling…

Looks like cooler temperatures are heading this way by the weekend.

Have a great week!