Summer is…right around the corner!

We’ve been having beautiful weather!

Taken from the top of Mt. Eddy.

Taken from the top of Mt. Eddy.

This is a great hike or just check out one of the lakes along the way!

Middle Deadfall Lake

Middle Deadfall Lake

Get out and enjoy nature!

Tours & Trips


Annual Mt. Eddy Trip

This season we hit Mt. Eddy earlier then usual with the minimal snow conditions.


Heading up the highway…

We had to hike awhile before being able to skin up.


Mike leading the pack.

Getting closer to the top.

Top of Mt. Eddy

Top of Mt. Eddy 9.025 ft.

Mt. Shasta Peaking Out!

Mt. Shasta Peaking Out!


Pure Heaven!

We are heading into a high pressure system.

Warm temperatures will bring good corn conditions for skiing, boarding and climbing.
Let me help you get set up. Call me at 530-926-3250

Have a great week!