Lassen Volcanic National Park ,Grass Valley and Shasta Caverns

The past couple weeks I’ve been doing a little bit of exploring here and there.

Lassen Peak's North Side

I always love going to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Every season has something unique to offer. It’s amazing how much snow is still lingering for August.

Emerald Lake

This beautiful lake was shaped by a glacier and was named for its emerald green waters, caused by the abundant green algae, that grow on the warm shallow lake bottom.

Mud Bubbling

The remarkable hydrothermal features in Lassen Volcanic National Park include roaring fumaroles (steam and volcanic-gas vents), thumping mud pots, boiling pools, and steaming ground. Water from rain and snow that falls on the highlands of the park feed the hydrothermal system.

See it in action~


Rough and Ready

I went and visited a friend in the Grass Valley area. We went to the town of Rough And Ready. The town of Etna located in Western Siskiyou County was once called “Rough and Ready”. To avoid confusion its name was changed.

Bridgeport Covered Bridge

This bridge was designed by David Ingefield Wood, and built in 1862. It is used as a pedestrian crossing over the South Yuba River located in Nevada County.

Side View of Bridge

Great swimming holes to cool off!

Shasta Caverns Tour

Monday, I guided a group down to the Shasta Caverns located on the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake.


Shasta Caverns offers unique stalagtite and stalagmite formations. 3 adventures in one. A boat from on Shasta Lake, a short bus ride to the cavern and a tour of the caverns.

The Cathedral Room

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Saturday Sept. 3, 2011 Take a 4 hour hike on Mt. Shasta

Sunday Sept. 4, 2011 Take a full day hike on the North side of Mt. Shasta

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Three day weekend, sunshine in the forecast, so much to do…

Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta at Full Capacity

A visit to Shasta Lake offers lots of recreation. It’s at its full capacity since 2006. Shasta Dam offers tours daily. Lots of mountain bike trails and hiking trails along the 365 miles of shoreline around the lake.

Box Canyon Dam flow at 850 CFS

Take a walk down to the base of Box Canyon Dam. It is 209 ft. The short hike down is a bit challenging with ropes to hold on to and a ladder to get to the bottom. It was built for recreation in 1969 that formed Lake Siskiyou.

Kayaker on the Upper Sacramento River

The rivers are full making it excellent for kayaking and rafting.

Is it still winter? Bunny Flat

I took this picture Wednesday. We’ve received over a foot of snow this week. Even though warmer temperatures are predicted for this weekend, be prepared. Avalanche activity will be a concern over the next few days. This is the busiest climbing weekend of the season.

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

The garden evolved from the artisic creations of a man named Dennis Smith. These dramatic sculptures honor both men and women veterans who have served and protected the United States. There will be a service here honoring veterans Sunday, May 30 at 2:00. This beautiful area is located north of Weed on Hwy 97 in Shasta Valley. For more details, check out the Weed & Shasta Valley Area in my Book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Last Sunday at Bunny Flat (Last Sunny Day)

I just want to say, “Have a Great Weekend Everyone”.