Southgate Trail (via) Mud Creek Canyon Rim Hike

Before the gate closes on Everitt Memorial Highway at Bunny Flat (Nov. 1), Gerald and I decided to go check out Mud Creek Canyon from Southgate Trail.

Early morning start...

Early morning start…

We started early morning from the Southgate trail head.


Along the ridge.

We started scrambling up the rocks for these views!

View of Konwakiton Glacier

View of Konwakiton Glacier

We hiked or should I say rock scrambled up to Mud Creek Canyon Rim.

Konwakiton Falls

Konwakiton Falls

These falls are runoff from the upper snowfield.

Lower Konwakiton Glacier and Falls.

Lower Konwakiton Glacier and Falls.

Looks like we are going to be getting cooler weather and SNOW (on the mountain) this week~

Have a good one!

What’s Happening on Mt. Shasta…

Perfect weather for hiking, touring and just having fun!

Maiden Meadows

These beautiful meadows have gone through names. I hear it mentioned as Maiden Meadows from the locals. Formally this meadow was “Squaw Meadows”. For politically correct reasons, the name was changed a few years ago to South Gate Meadows.

Avalanche Gulch Uncovered! Oct. 6, 2012

It will sure be nice to get some SNOW!

Kaley, Dad (Aaron) and Ben

Saturday I guided  Aaron and his two children Kaley and Ben on a hike to Hidden Valley. They did a great job.

Shastina~Cascade Gulch

A little bit of snow left in Cascade Gulch.

Melissa, Wayne, Michelle, Tye

Sunday I met up with Melissa and her family for a Mt. Shasta Scenic Tour. We had a lot of fun!  This picture was taken at the Everitt Memorial Vista Point Lookout on Mt. Shasta.

2013 Dates Now Available for Climbing Mt. Shasta.~Climbing-Mt.-Shasta-2013

Have any questions, give me a call or email and let me help plan your climbing trip!

Have a great week!