Mt. Shasta August Days…

August has brought some smokey days, blue-bird days and FUN DAYS!

August summer day on the east side!

I’ve found myself spending a lot of time over on the east side of Mt. Shasta~

Clear Creek Route

This picture shows current conditions on the  Clear Creek route. This route is known as the least technical climbing route on the mountain.

Yep…Pine Martin

I saw this little guy and quickly put on my telephoto lens.

Mountain Heather in bloom

Mountain Heather is found on the mountain around 7,000-8,000 ft.

It is a very fragile flora and requires delicate walking when in these areas.

Lupines starting to go off!

Looking at the Hotlum/Wintun Route with the lupines and Brewer Creek in the foreground.

Ash Creek Falls

These waterfalls are a fun cross-country trek on the east side of Mt. Shasta.

and here’s what is happening on the south side…

Bunny Flat, Mt. Shasta

This is Bunny Flat Meadows with the lupines and rabbitbrush going off!

Upper Panther Meadows, Mt. Shasta

The wildflowers are just starting to awaken!

It will probably be at its peak in the next couple weeks.

The Old Ski Bowl, Mt. Shasta

There is still quite a bit of snow for late August. I walked up to the snow at 8,300ft. If your looking to play in the snow, we got it!

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Current Conditions on Mt. Shasta!

This is the latest date August 8, 2017 the Everitt Memorial Highway to the Old Ski Bowl is finally open!

Old Ski Bowl

There is still quite a bit of snow for August. Usually the road opens up by July 1 but not the case with the epic snow year we’ve had!

Seasonal Waterfall Runoff

 It’s a short hike from the upper parking lot at the Old Ski Bowl. Look over towards Green Butte Vent and you will see this waterfall.

Western Pasque

I love these. When they first wake up from the last snow melt, they look like a sunny-side up egg flower. Then they go into their seed stage and look like the Dr. Suess Flower.

Lupines are starting to bloom

One of my favorite places off of the Everitt Memorial Highway.


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Have a great one!