• “When you experience everything this truly magical, mystical, beautiful mountain has to offer, you’ll feel all of life’s stresses organically just melt away. We’ll travel to some of the most desirable, hidden spots that Mt. Shasta has to offerJust the act of coming here, escaping your daily grind, will replenish you in miraculous ways. You’ll leave Mt. Shasta with a renewed sense of fulfillment and confidence, because all of the noise in your head will simply, disappear.

    “I highly recommend Robin! You couldn’t be in better hands. She fits the adventure to what you, personally, are interested in and able to do. I came away energized and more confident in what she taught me.”
    ~ Jeanne Lansing, Grants Pass , Oregon




Current Conditions on Mt. Shasta!

This is the latest date August 8, 2017 the Everitt Memorial Highway to the Old Ski Bowl is finally open!

Old Ski Bowl

There is still quite a bit of snow for August. Usually the road opens up by July 1 but not the case with the epic snow year we’ve had!

Seasonal Waterfall Runoff

 It’s a short hike from the upper parking lot at the Old Ski Bowl. Look over towards Green Butte Vent and you will see this waterfall.

Western Pasque

I love these. When they first wake up from the last snow melt, they look like a sunny-side up egg flower. Then they go into their seed stage and look like the Dr. Suess Flower.

Lupines are starting to bloom

One of my favorite places off of the Everitt Memorial Highway.


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Have a great one!

July has been sizzling and fun so far!

The weather has been great with nice warm temperatures and clear blue skies!

Sand Flat, Mt. Shasta

Most of the snow has melted on the lower slopes of Mt. Shasta. The Sand Flat loop isn’t passable yet but can drive in through Lower Sand Flat. The county says the gate at Bunny Flat will be open on July 21st to the end of the road~The Old Ski Bowl. Will keep you posted.

Middle McCloud Falls, McCloud

I was giving a tour this day and the light was shining through!

Many people come up to Mt. Shasta to see and feel the beauty, sacredness and silence that can be experienced.

Mt. Shasta sacred site

This unique rock outcropping is located on the lower slopes of Mt. Shasta.

Many come to mediate and pray here amongst the beautiful Shasta Red Firs.

Touring with the Velasco Family.

I had a great time showing the Velasco Family around the beautiful Mt. Shasta area!

Wildflower Galore!

Meadows full of wildflowers are spectacular right now.

I did a hiking tour with two lovely women mother and daughter from Japan.

We hiked to Lower, Middle and Upper Deadfall Lakes.

Naomi enjoying taking pictures.

Middle Deadfall Lake

Yukari enjoying the scenery.

Gumboot Lake

Many of the lakes are snow free now and accessible.

Come on up and enjoying the cool breeze of lakes, waterfalls and beautiful Mt. Shasta.