Spiritual & Sacred Site Tours


Looking to feel rejuvenated & revitalized?

Want to get away from the mounting pressures in your life?

Tired of trying to keep up with the news?

Come and experience Mt. Shasta!

These tours are specifically designed for you or your group.

Whether you’re looking for a soothing and gentle calming effect;

feeling high vibrations where the trees speak or looking for the magical abilities to clear any emotional disturbance we can satisfy these yearnings and desires.

We take you to rivers, waterfalls and lakes unique in our area which offer each individual a feeling of peace and serenity.

Go to places that aren't in books!

Go to places that aren’t in books!

Expand your creativity and boost your energy by visiting these very sacred places in and around the Mt. Shasta!

 image001Mt. Shasta area trips and tours are operated by Shasta Vortex Adventures is permitted by the Shasta/Trinity Nat’l Forest and are fully insured and operate on a non-discriminatory basis.


Taiwan/China Group~”The Volcanic Mission” September 2016

This group is part of a segment of the NewHumanBeing. NHB is a group of lightworkers (we call ourselves the energy pioneers or energy promoters). Our group members are comprised of people from Taiwan, China and US and from many different background and many different professions. Our primary goal is to help everyone find their true divine self and be a beacon of love and light and at the same time raise the vibration of humanity.
We spent 6 days going to specific locations to accomplish “The Volcanic Mission”.

Mexico/Germany Group~Kinich Ahau Organization from Mexico July 2016

 This group gives logistic support of the Mayan Solar Tradition, a movement of consciousness that promotes the Mayan Wisdom as a way of personal and spiritual grow.

We visited different sacred sites~

Chinese Group with M&M Tours September 2014

We visited many spiritual sites including spectacular rainbows along the way!